PVA SPA Software Entwicklungs GmbH serves customers worldwide with specific software programs for the industrial automation of production systems. Furthermore we offer complete systems with high-precision measurement technology as well as image acquisition with associated data analysis for wafer inspection to well-known companies in the semiconductor industry.

PVA SPA Software Entwicklungs GmbH's customers include global corporations and medium-sized companies with locations in Germany, Malaysia and Taiwan. Since the beginning of 2018, SPA is part of the international PVA TePla Group and in May 2019 we can look back on a successful 30-year company history.


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Philosophy / Together in Motion

The customer is our dedication.
We work together with our customer, so WE move as THEY do. The employees are our force. A friendly working environment and good human interrelationship helps our customers and us. We want to provide only high-tech solutions, no "partial solutions".

History of the company

  1. Acquisition of MPA Industrie SA in France.

    Strengthening of the industrial vacuum business through mature process know-how for silicon carbide (SiC) components and SiC coatings in the industrial and semiconductor sectors.

  2. Foundation of PVA TePla Korea

    With the foundation of PVA TePla Korea in January 2022, the Group is strengthening its sales and will and service location in Asia with a further company.

  3. Strengthening ultrasound microscopy

    PVA TePla AG acquires Okos Solutions LLC in the USA. Okos builds measuring equipment for the quality inspection of high-tech products for the aerospace and semiconductor markets. The acquisition strengthens the PVA TePla Group's access to the US market for its ultrasonic measuring instruments.

  4. Takeover of an Italian vessel manufacturer

    In 2019, the PVA TePla Group took over the activities of a renowned and globally acknowledged Italian vessel. As a result, our subsidiaries will be able - in addition to our existing suppliers - to purchase vessels from own production for the manufucturing of vacuum and crystal growing systems.

  5. Joining PVA TePla AG

    PVA TePla AG acquires renowned Software company SPA Software Entwicklungs GmbH

  6. Automatic layout finder for multisite probe cards

    Speaker contribution at SouthWestTest Workshop 2017 about MSO, together with the German probe card vendor FEINMETALL.

  7. First launch of proprietary machine solutions

    Introduction of 3D inspector and MI300 for automatic 2D and 3D inspections for sawing and scrubmark measurements. Patent application with the EBIS enhanced backside inspection system and opening the market to Asia.

  8. Expansion of our worldwide customer base

    Introduction of AOI defect review solution for wafer sawing quality control and WS200 automatic wafer scale for coating thickness measurement.

  9. Software for optimizing the electrical wafer test

    Beginning of collaboration with IS-Test and NXP for the MSO development. Speaker contribution at IS-Test and SouthWestTest Workshop about MSO in 2011.

  10. Expanding into European market

    Overtake wafermapping based products from major microscope vendor and expanding machine solutions into the European market.

  11. First launch of proprietary machine solutions

    Introduction of VIP Inspection machine for MEMS Products and SPA Inker product for setting new quality standards in placing inkdots on wafers.

  12. The first machine automation steps

    Contract with major Microscope vendor for AL1000 software development for semi-automatic optical wafer inspection using wafer map positioning data and image analysis routines.

  13. The foundation of SPA networked probe floor

    Development of “SPAwn”, a fully functional wafer map network with machine data acquisition and highly reliable production data management.

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