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Annual General Meeting of PVA TePla AG 2023

Annual General Meeting of PVA TePla AG resolves expansion and elects Dr. Myriam Jahn to the Supervisory Board

Wettenberg, June 28, 2023 - Yesterday's Annual General Meeting of the technology company PVA TePla AG was a success with a large turnout of shareholders. A total of 45.04 percent of the voting share capital was represented. This corresponds to 9,797,746 shares. All of the resolutions proposed by the management were approved by the shareholders, including the ratification of the actions of the Management Board and Supervisory Board and the re-election of BDO AG, Frankfurt am Main, as auditors of the financial statements and consolidated financial statements for fiscal year 2023.

With the proposed expansion of the Supervisory Board from three to now four persons, a further important step was taken to strengthen the Company's corporate governance. Dr. Myriam Jahn, 54, was elected by the shareholders as a new and additional member of the Supervisory Board. She strengthens the board as a proven industry expert in the semiconductor industry and brings extensive know-how in the areas of digitalization and automation.

In his speech, the outgoing CEO of PVA TePla AG, Manfred Bender, thanked the shareholders for their trust and support over the past years. At the same time, he acknowledged the good cooperation with Jalin Ketter, who will assume overall responsibility for the company as CFO and, from July 1, Spokesperson of the Management Board in the two-member Management Board team together with COO Oliver Höfer.

At the Annual General Meeting, the dialog between the Management Board and the shareholders once again made it clear that the PVA TePla Group is on the right track for the future.

"Both our Semiconductor and Industrial segments are benefiting from the opportunities arising from important megatrends such as digitalization, e-mobility and the energy transition. By harnessing these important trends for us, we are opening up new business opportunities with our innovative and future-oriented technologies and benefiting from growing markets," Jalin Ketter elaborated.

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