We provide interfacing solutions for allowing connectivity of machines with the SECS/GEM standard protocol language or simply with wafer map format conversion routines.

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SECS/GEM standard

The SECS/GEM is the semiconductor's equipment interface protocol for equipment-to-host data communication, one aspect of the industry 4.0 trend. The minimum GEM interface implies required data variables, status variables, equipment constants, and collection events. Additional machine-specific alarms, data variables, status variables, equipment constants and collection events are enhancing the value of any GEM interface. This included SECS-II messaging (E5), GEM (E30), and either the HSMS (E37) or RS-232 (E4) transport protocol standard.

Get in contact with us to learn how we can connect your non-300mm equipment with a SECS/GEM interface protocol.


The introduction of 300mm wafers, with the attending demand for solutions that enabled far greater automation within the industry 4.0 development, created a whole new set of challenges. The GEM300 standards were developed by SEMI to solve these challenges.

Key benefits:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Recipe management
  • Lot management
  • SPC analysis
  • Asset management
  • Configuration management
  • SECS/GEM Host Solutions
  • Carrier Management
  • Substrate Tracking
  • Process and Control Job Management

We support the following GEM300 standards:

  • SEMI E4-SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 1 Message Transfer
  • SEMI E5-SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message Content
  • SEMI E30-Generic Model for Communication and Control of SEMI Equipment
  • SEMI E37-High Speed Message Service - Single Session
  • SEMI E39-Object Services Standard SEMI E40-Standard for Processing Management
  • SEMI E42-Standard for SECS-II Protocol for Recipe Management Standard
  • SEMI E53-Event Reporting
  • SEMI E84-Specification for enhanced carrier Handoff Parallel I/O Interface
  • SEMI E87-Specification for Carrier Management
  • SEMI E90-Specification for Substrate Tracking
  • SEMI E94-Specification for SECS-II Protocol for Control Job Management
  • E116 Equipment Performance Tracking (EPT)
  • E120 Specification for the Common Equipment Model (CEM)
  • E142 Substrate Mapping
  • G84 Specification for Strip Map Protocol
  • G85 Specification for Map Data Format

Wafer map converters

A wafer map converter serves as interface translator between different machine brands. We support the following wafer map formats:

  • Customer specific (e.g. UWM, E142, ALS, MSEB, IBIS-XML, COW)
  • EG
  • G85
  • KLA Resultfile
  • STDF
  • TEL
  • TI
  • TSK-Accretech
  • WQL

Customized interfaces to CAM / shopfloor systems

Multiple connections of various machines or applications to various management systems

  • SECS and customized MES connections
  • Shopfloor status display and management
  • Machine usability statistics

Get in contact with us to learn how we can connect your equipment to your shopfloor system.

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