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Products of SPA do support highly compatible interfaces in order to enable performant communication between equipment of the probe floor and its managing instances. PVA SPA offers powerful standalone solutions as well as smart integrated solutions for adapting the equipment in a corresponding network. Our key expertise focuses on both protocols, SECS/GEM and SECS/GEM300 for processing any wafer diameters from 2“ to 12“ as well as other i.e. tray based material fluently and serves broad band communication and reliable conversion of production data.

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SECS/GEM standard

The SECS/GEM is the semiconductor's equipment interface protocol for equipment-to-host data communication, one aspect of the industry 4.0 trend. The minimum GEM interface implies required data variables, status variables, equipment constants, and collection events. Additional machine-specific alarms, data variables, status variables, equipment constants and collection events are enhancing the value of any GEM interface. This included SECS-II messaging (E5), GEM (E30), and either the HSMS (E37) or RS-232 (E4) transport protocol standard.

Get in contact with us to learn how we can connect your non-300mm equipment with a SECS/GEM interface protocol.


The introduction of 300mm wafers, with the attending demand for solutions that enabled far greater automation within the industry 4.0 development, created a whole new set of challenges. The GEM300 standards were developed by SEMI to solve these challenges.

Key benefits:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Recipe management
  • Lot management
  • SPC analysis
  • Asset management
  • Configuration management
  • SECS/GEM Host Solutions
  • Carrier Management
  • Substrate Tracking
  • Process and Control Job Management

We support the following GEM300 standards:

  • SEMI E4-SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 1 Message Transfer
  • SEMI E5-SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message Content
  • SEMI E30-Generic Model for Communication and Control of SEMI Equipment
  • SEMI E37-High Speed Message Service - Single Session
  • SEMI E39-Object Services Standard SEMI E40-Standard for Processing Management
  • SEMI E42-Standard for SECS-II Protocol for Recipe Management Standard
  • SEMI E53-Event Reporting
  • SEMI E84-Specification for enhanced carrier Handoff Parallel I/O Interface
  • SEMI E87-Specification for Carrier Management
  • SEMI E90-Specification for Substrate Tracking
  • SEMI E94-Specification for SECS-II Protocol for Control Job Management
  • E116 Equipment Performance Tracking (EPT)
  • E120 Specification for the Common Equipment Model (CEM)
  • E142 Substrate Mapping
  • G84 Specification for Strip Map Protocol
  • G85 Specification for Map Data Format

Wafer map converters

A wafer map converter serves as interface translator between different machine brands. We support the following wafer map formats:

  • Customer specific (e.g. UWM, E142, ALS, MSEB, IBIS-XML, COW)
  • EG
  • G85
  • KLA Resultfile
  • STDF
  • TEL
  • TI
  • TSK-Accretech
  • WQL

Customized interfaces to CAM / shopfloor systems

Multiple connections of various machines or applications to various management systems

  • SECS and customized MES connections
  • Shopfloor status display and management
  • Machine usability statistics

Get in contact with us to learn how we can connect your equipment to your shopfloor system.

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