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We offer various outstanding software tools for your research, engineering and development in the semiconductor industry. The tools serve effectively the visualization, versatile editing and fast creation of wafer map data, as well as the precise quantification and intelligible documentation of artifacts or defects. Furthermore, our tools fundamentally ease the measurement of objects within 2D-images.

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Wafer Map Editor

Our Wafer Map Editor allows the visual display and editing of wafer map data. The main compatible format is wql, which is expandable to any available wafer map converter.

The functions of the Wafer Map Editor include:

  • Display and edit of chip attributes Untested, Tested, Ink edge, Skip
  • Display and edit of bincodes
  • Display and edit of reference die coordinate(s)
  • Rubberband chip edit

Control Map Creator/Editor

The Wafer Map Creator implies all functions of the Wafer Map Editor. In addition it allows the loading of a real wafer picture and its transparent overlay matching to a corresponding wafer map grid creation. In summary the purpose of this tool is the fast wafer map creation based on a physical wafer picture.

Additional functions implied:

  • Loading of BMP and TIF image formats
  • Adjustable transparency of wafer image
  • Adjustable scaling of grid onto wafer image
  • Flexible edge area definition with Ink and Skip
  • Maximized chip image of grid coordinate

Measurement Tool

The Measurement Tool serves as metrology application for manual measurements on 2D camera images, which can be used standalone or as integrated part of a machine control software.

The functions of the Measurement Tool include:

  • Linear distance measurement
  • Area measurement (rectangles, circles, polygon)
  • Free text comments
  • Default text comments (e.g. usable for user instruction and information)
  • Flexible color and font size definitions
  • Caliper CD preset module with automatic edge detection settings

Defect ReViewer

The Defect ReViewer serves as application for displaying and editing of KLA result files. It is typically used as standalone software for viewing the defect images within the KLA result file, optionally combined with the functional scope of the measurement tool.

The functions of the Defect Reviewer include:

  • Loading of structured and unstructured KLA result file data
  • Display of defect image data
  • Defect selection in map display
  • Modification of implied error classes
  • Option: integrated Measurement Tool
  • Control Map creation from KLARF


Manufacturing Information Documentation and Schooling The key purpose of MIDOS is the digital documentation of defects and unclear noticeable problems during the visual inspection of semiconductor devices.

Functions implied:

  • Database connection (Oracle)
  • Different user groups with different authorities
  • Visualization of defect catalogue (for schooling)
  • Configuration of defect catalogue by administrator
  • Process-specific preselection of defect classes
  • Process-specific recording of noticeable problems
  • Use defect classification as process trigger (present to engineer)
  • Configuration of defect classes by administrator
  • Start MIDOS via link button in machine software (e.g. VCP)
  • Start MIDOS as standalone application for engineering/administration
  • SPECIAL: use Drive-In Mode to drive to chip defect on equipment

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